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3 Pugs Gin does Strictly St Roccos

Humbled and Amazed…..

On Monday 17th February 2020, just a few days after my 61st birthday I got the call from our local hospice St Rocco’s to tell me that I have been selected for this years ‘Strictly St Rocco’s’ WOW, WOW, WOW, a dream of mine, but I never thought it would happen now.  I get to dress up and dance with a professional partner, its going to be Pugaliciously Pugtastic, but I need your help, our collective target for this years event is £100K! (they raised £82K in 2019) so whether you can support with a couple of pounds or are able to match fund my Just Giving Page, all donations will be most gratefully received.

I am really looking forward to this journey that lies ahead, SAVE THE DATE Sunday 13th December 2020…..(CANCELLED)

UPDATE: Soo, it was no surprise when the 2020 event was cancelled, I was really disappointed, but knew that things would get better as we worked through this dreadful pandemic that has affected the world.

We now have a new date, we will now perform on SUNDAY 12TH DECEMBER 2021 AT MERE GOLF RESORT AND SPA….

First meeting with the dancers, 2019 winners, staff from St Roccos will take place at the end of June 2021, I will be keeping you all updated and I am so optimistic that this will happen this year.

I now need to, get my dancing shoes dusted off, loose weight 😂, and tone up my core, no big deal, wish me luck, will post updates soon.

An exciting summer lies ahead, keep dancing…….