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Dark Days London Dry Gin 50cl

Dark Days London Dry Gin 50cl

A Special Blend developed during the Dark Days of COVID19, paying homage to our wonderful Front Line and Key Workers, 10% of profit from batch 3 will be donated to Charities of Key & Front Line Workers chosen by you.

Gin of the Month -Lemony Sherbet Bundle

Whats in your Crumble Bundle?

1 x 50cl Lemony Sherbet Gin Liqueur – 2 x Mixers (may differ from picture depending on stock) – Garnish in a bag – 3 Pugs Gin Branded Glass.

  • If you would like your Glass personalised add the details below.

PugGin’ BlinGin’ Liqueur & Fizz Gift Set

        • 1 x 50cl 3 Pugs ‘Your Choice’ Gin Liqueur
        • 1 x 75cl Bottle of Fizz
        • 1 x Champagne Glass 

Signature London Dry Gin 50cl

Our Signature blend at 42% alc contains 8 botanicals

PugGin’ BlinGin’ Gift Set (Drink in a Box)

      • 1 x 4cl Signature Mini Puglet or 1 x 4cl Blackcurrant Mini Puglet 
      • 1 x Bespoke 3 Pugs Gin Glass
      • 1 x Mixer to suit chosen blend

Mini Puglet Blackcurrant Premium Gin 4cl

OUR 40% BLACKCURRANT GIN CONTAINS 8 BOTANICALS, its Pugtastically Pugalicious

Mini Puglet Signature London Dry Gin 4cl

Our Signature blend at 42% alc contains 8 botanicals, its Pugalicious

Blackcurrant Premium Gin 50cl

Our 40% Blackcurrant Gin contains 8 botanicals 

Lemony Sherbet – Majestically Zesty Pugtastic Fizz 50cl

3 Pugs Gin 50cl Lemony sherbet flavour gin liqueur 

Bubblegum – Lovely Bubbly Pugalicious Gin Liqueur 50cl

3 Pugs Gin, 50cl Bubblegum Flavour Gin Liqueur

Candy Floss – Rise of the Unicorn Pugs 50cl

3 Pugs Gin 50cl Candy Floss flavour gin liqueur 

Cream Soda – Sweet & Dreamy Pugsquisite Pop 50cl

3 Pugs Gin Cream Soda Flavour Gin Liqueur 20%alc

Bakewell tart – The Fabulous Baker Pugs 50cl

3 Pugs Gin Bakewell Tart Flavour Gin Liqueur 20%alc

Apple Crumble – The Fabulous baker Pugs 50cl

3 Pugs Gin Apple Crumble Flavour Gin Liqueur

Miniature Bubblegum – Lovely Bubbly Pugalicious 5cl

4cl Mini Flask 3 Pugs Gin Bubblegum Flavour Gin Liqueur

Miniature Rise of the Unicorn Pugs 5cl

Candy Floss Flavour Gin Liqueur Miniature