Cream Soda Route 66 Cocktail

Posted by 3 Pugs Gin on 7 June 2019 at 8:40 am

The Pugs wanted to celebrate the union of Meghan and Harry, so they went on a road trip to the USA, hired a Cadillac and commenced a road trip down Route 66.  They stopped at a local diner to quench their thirst and were told that a Cream Soda would do the trick.  The Pugs loved it so much they created our 3 Pugs Gin Cream Soda Gin Liqueur.

  1. 50ml 3 Pugs Cream Soda Gin Liqueur
  2. 200ml Lemonade
  3. ICE
  4. Garnish with Crushed Strawberry & Cream Sweets
  5. Add all ingredients to your 3 Pugs Gin Glass

Cream Soda with a kick, its Pugalicious, enjoy.

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