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Meet The Maker 2020

Finally, we bring you our Meet The Maker events;

Book yourself and your friends onto our fantastic group event, we are only holding 6 over the summer months with limited tickets for each event. You will join the Master Distiller, Stephen, Christine and Louise at our distillery in Warrington, we will start at 3:30pm sharp.

– A welcome Gin & Tonic
– Meet the Pugs in person, Pepsi, TuTu and MoJo (photos optional)
– Blind taste Tonics (its got to be done, you can’t just add any old mixer to your 3 Pugs Gin or Gin Liqueur)
– Join in the free raffle – the lucky winner will get to make their own blend of gin, choosing their own botanicals, with the Master Distiller guidance create your perfect blend to take home with you
– Hear our story and taste our full range, everyone is Pugtastically Pugalicious
– Half-way house, another Gin & Tonic of choice
– Nibbles, we can’t let you go hungry!
– Finish the tastings and the story
– End of Tail! and another Gin & Tonic hic!
– To end the event, a chance to ask your questions of our Master Distiller and of course the opportunity to purchase your favourite 3 Pugs Gin blend.
– Carriages home……

If this sounds to good not to miss please visit our webshop and find the Meet the Marker Event and select the date that suits you.

Enjoy and we look forward to meeting you.

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