Hello human fans, I am the chief pug at 3 Pugs Kennels and I am in charge of all things pug. We have five in the pack, me, two more Pugs but not like me I am the best Pug, and two hoomans the think they are in charge ‘snorts n crosses paws’ but I nose I am Pack Leader, giggles!

My favourite thing in the whole wide world is cuddles from mum, she’s a hooman but gives the best cuddles in the whole wide world, and then I love to lick dad’s ears, he’s hooman too but plays the best.

Once I licked his ear so much, I ate his diamond earring ‘covers eyes and sighs’ Dad was not happy and refused to find it in my poop! ‘snorts and rolls eyes’.

I love walkies, and never wants to go back to the kennel.  Mum has to chase me to get me in the Pug Palace in the Pug Van. That’s how we travel in the Pug Palace, we see the world go by and Dad takes us wherever we want to go for walkies n tinkles.

Mum is the chef, in charge of food, she can be mean though cos she doesn’t give us many treats.  Dad does, he sneaks pugs cheese and sausages when mums not looking, ‘giggles’, we nose when the fridge door opens we gonna get treats.

The pugs take turns keeping watch on Dad in the kitchen, wish dad was in the kitchen now, ‘sighs n lies down’.

Hoomans, hoomans, I like to play with hoomans. I always barks at the hoomans, sometimes they bark back! They call me TuTu but I’m really Frilly Tutu, mum says thats special cos it’s a vodka cocktail! I luvs being a vodka cocktail. Pepsi thinks shes in charge but its me, me, me, ‘giggles & chases tail’. I’m always busy, busy, busy, lots to see, lots to do, cos, I’m in charge, me, me, me.

My favourite thing in the whole wide world is cuddles from mum, I always pushes Pepsi off mums lap cos that’s my lap ‘puffs, bangs paw on bed’.

I loves dad too, he always gives me big cuddles and plays with me.

I love walkies and I’m in charge, I send strangers off to protect my pack.

I don’t like the big dogs though, so I bark at their legs and sends them off, but I run away from the teeth cos I’m too pretty to be bitten by a park mutt ‘looks in mirror and sighs’.

Ooops gotta go Dad needs my help with the gin making….. ‘runs off shaking tail’

Hello hoomans, I’m MoJo and the best pug of all. I had a sad start but mum and dad rescued me and now I’m the happiest pug in the whole wide world. Until I met mum and dad I did not like hoomans much, they kept me in a cage and only picked me up when they wanted my puppies! One day, I was soo happy they took me out into the world, they set me down on the street it was wonderful, but then, they left me ‘sighs and looks sad’ but then the dog warden found me and then my mum and dad got me and I’m sooo happy now I luvs my mum and dad, and my sisters Pepsi and Tutu, but mum is the best…

I’m different from Pepsi & Tutu, mum says I’m the special one, my very favourite thing in the whole wide world is cuddles with mum.
Mum and dad got me from the welfare rescue, I would love it if you could help Pug Welfare too, mums putting a link at the bottom of the page for you if you have any treats to spare.
When the dog warden found me I was just a little scrap and I was sooo hungry, they fed me and found me a new home with a lady who was very nice but she said it was too much to pay the vet to get me better, so she gave me to Pug Dog Welfare so they asked my mum if she wud look after me and get me better.
Mum is my hero, and dad is too ‘giggles’, mum and dad made me better, but then someone else wanted me ‘panic’… mum told them no, she would  not let them have me.

Then ‘looks wonderous’ mum and dad adopted me forever, mum said that I would always stay with them and Pepsi n Tutu, ‘spins round with happiness’ mum said I would never be sad again.

I love mum and dad, I love Pepsi n Tutu too, but I am the bestpug …

My favourite thing in the whole wide world (apart from cuddles with mum) is treats,  I love treats, I steal them from TuTu ‘giggles’.

I like to go out with the pack too, but gets nervous if I can’t see my mum. I have a chariot for when its cold, mum pushes me and wraps me in blankets so I don’t catch cold. I love my mum. Dad won’t push me in the chariot he said it ruins his street cred ‘giggles’.

Hi, I’m Stephen, or Steve, or Ste don’t really mind what you call me as long as its not early in the morning! I’m hard done to and bossed around by the pugs and the wife. When the wife said we were going to make our own gin in 2015 I told her she was away with the Fairies, I still stand by that today, but together we have achieved amazing things during the last few years. I never thought that I would be leaving a job I had done for 19 years and starting a new business at my age, but then as the crazy lady says, your never too old …

My favourite things in life, apart from the wife are Football, but I won’t say which team don’t want to put customers off!! Gin, but that goes without saying, the Pugs (had to say that or the wife would kill me…). I do enjoy a bit of banter with the boys, I suppose that’s the thing I miss most about my old job, you can’t have the same banter with the wife, can you? Love, Love Love our granddaughter Millie and of course our kids Louise and Andrew.

The best place to holiday, Santorini without a doubt, we have been going for years now and it’s like a second home, perfect for when you have worked hard and just want to relax, 10 minutes to the hotel and your first beer, what more could a guy ask for?

What made me want to distil Gin, well that’s obvious – the wife of course. Seriously, as an engineer the process intrigued me, and with some persuasion from the wife I could see that turning 60 we needed to do something that we would enjoy together as we moved towards retirement, so here we are, it doesn’t feel like work anymore, we just enjoy each day, address the obstacles together and plan our future. It’s great, love it.

Well what can I say, I’m wife, Pug mum, chief cook and bottle washer (literally). I’m so proud of what we have achieved during the last 2 ½ years since we launched 3 Pugs Gin, a bit of a ride as they say. My husband is a-ma-zing, without him, well I would still be sat behind a desk in an office somewhere! Instead, we are distillers and enjoying every minute. If I had one piece of advice for anyone, it would be – “you are never too old to achieve your dreams, stop thinking about it and just do it….” We did.

My favourite things in life, apart from my husband and pugs as that goes without saying, I love challenges that others say are impossible, like starting a business in my late 50’s and proving it’s never too late. I love shoes and handbags what woman doesn’t. I love seeing our granddaughter Millie, she brings light to our life, love meeting the girls for a good old gossip – it’s a woman thing!!

Working with Pug Dog Welfare & Rescue is very satisfying, its where Mo came from and we like to support them as much as we can. I don’t get the time to act as chauffeur to move surrendered pugs around the country, or to foster anymore, so we do what we can on the auction site to raise funds to pay vets bills, etc because as a charity it is run fully by volunteers and good will and they could do with all the help they can get.

Finally, working with my husband building our business has had it’s challenges, its been a roller coaster ride, but we are closer than ever and loving every minute of our retirement! Long may it continue.