The Fabulous Baker Pugs 50cl

Cherry Bakewell Flavour Gin Liqueur

Straight from the Bakewell Oven, powerful cherry, almond, frangipane and pastry coat the pallet all that’s missing is the icing, followed by back notes of our Signature Gin.

Perfect serve: Garnish with Bakewell tart on the side, add some icing flowers to the glass with Lemonade, tonic or Prosecco, simply perfect. ‘WARNING – do not consume if you are allergic to nuts.’

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  • No Blingin
  • Metallic - Aqua
  • Metallic - Gold
  • Metallic - Champagne
  • Metallic Chocolate
  • Metallic Sapphire Blue
  • Metallic - Cadbury
  • Metallic Raspberry
  • Metallic - Red
  • Metallic Green
  • Metallic - Silver
  • Metallic - Dusky
  • Metallic - Cobalt
  • Holographic - Silver
  • Holographic - Grey
  • Iridescent - Yellow
  • Metallic Blush
  • Metallic Lavender
  • Metallic Fuchsia
  • Metallic Lilac
  • Silver and Pink Ombre
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