PugGin’ BlinGin’ Gift SetPugGin’ BlinGin’ Gift Set

PugGin’ BlinGin’ Gift Set (Drink in a Box)

  • 1 x 4cl Signature Mini Puglet or 1 x 4cl Blackcurrant Mini Puglet 
  • 1 x Bespoke 3 Pugs Gin Glass
  • 1 x Mixer to suit chosen blend


  • No Blingin
  • Metallic - Aqua
  • Metallic - Gold
  • Metallic - Champagne
  • Metallic Chocolate
  • Metallic Sapphire Blue
  • Metallic - Cadbury
  • Metallic Raspberry
  • Metallic - Red
  • Metallic Green
  • Metallic - Silver
  • Metallic - Dusky
  • Metallic - Cobalt
  • Holographic - Silver
  • Holographic - Grey
  • Metallic Blush
  • Metallic Lavender
  • Metallic Fuchsia
  • Metallic Lilac
  • Silver and Pink Ombre
  • No
  • Yes
  • Blackcurrant 4cl
  • Signature 4cl
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Our newest addition to our Gift Set Range, a BlinGin’ Drink in a Box.

1 x 3 Pugs Mini Puglet choose from our Signature or Blackcurrant blends, with a complimenting BlinGin’ 3 Pugs Gin Bespoke Glass, along with a BlinGin’ mixer, we use Natural Tonic with our Signature Puglet and Ginger Ale with our Blackcurrant Puglet.

The perfect gift for friends and family, or for you just because you can… Go on treat yourself, you know you want too.

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